'Nightmare on a plane' survivors get a refund and future travel for their troubles


The 47 passengers who were forced to spend nine hours on a grounded Continental Airlines flight Friday got a (sort of) apology from Continental today and their money back for their flight to hell. Oh, and they can possibly endure the same thing over again by taking a free flight with Continental in the future. How thoughtful.

The passengers were stuck with no food, overflowing toilets. and screaming babies. What more could you ask for?

It's kind of like those "survivor" contests every year at the State Fair and Mall of America. Stay in a Volkswagen Bug longer than everyone else and you win the vehicle. Stay on a Mall of American roller coaster the longest and you win a lifetime pass to Nickelodeon Universe. Yes, after spending an inordinate amount of time in a terribly uncomfortable environment, we seriously can't wait to spend even more time in it on our own time.

We love reliving nightmares, don't you?

From Continental, via the Star Tribune:

"We are working closely with ExpressJet to resolve the issues surrounding this extended delay as service provided to customers on this flight was completely unacceptable.

"We are apologizing to our customers and will be offering them a full ticket refund and a certificate good for future travel."

Passengers are ticked that Continental is passing the blame to ExpressJet despite everyone's ticket clearly displaying the Continental logo and flight attendants thanking them for flying Continental. You can't take credit for other people's work when it's stellar and pass it off when it's embarrassing.