Nicollet Mall reportedly at risk of collapse following water main break [UPDATE]

:: ORIGINAL POST :: 2:50 p.m.

A water main broke under Nicollet Mall this afternoon, raising concerns that the street could collapse. WCCO anchor Jason DeRusha tweeted the above picture of workers pumping water from under the street.

"[I]t's 10 times worse underground," DeRusha wrote.

A little after 2:40, DeRusha shared another picture. "The Victor 2100 is here. It's getting serious," he wrote.

Moments ago, WCCO reported:
As of 2:15 p.m., there was reportedly still water coming into the basements of the buildings adjacent to the corner of 10th and Nicollet. By some reports, there was 3 feet of water in some basements.

An officer told WCCO that crews closed off the street over concerns that the water could compromise the street and potentially cause a collapse.

:: UPDATE :: 3:30 p.m.

Good news. Nicollet Mall is still a going concern.

Jonathan Blake just tweeted the below photo, along with the message: "Nicollet Mall is still there."

Nicollet Mall reportedly at risk of collapse following water main break [UPDATE]

:: UPDATE :: 4 p.m.

City of Minneapolis spokesman Matt Lindstrom says Nicollet Mall between 10th and 11th streets downtown will remain closed overnight.

Lindstrom said water service is disrupted to the old Let It Be Records building, 1001 Nicollet Avenue, but not to any other properties.

Asked by City Pages about WCCO's report that Nicollet Mall could collapse as a result of the water main break, Lindstrom said, "That I don't know... We're closing it down just as a precaution."

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