Nicollet Mall construction sign says what we're all thinking

Nihilistic construction signage, as captured by Dan DeBaun (@mspbjDeBaun)

Nihilistic construction signage, as captured by Dan DeBaun (@mspbjDeBaun)

Feeling a bit apocalyptic lately? So is at least one Minneapolis construction sign, apparently. 

This Nietzschean doozy was captured Tuesday by Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal reporter Dan DeBaun:

"I didn't notice anyone else in particular looking at the sign," DeBaun tells City Pages of the grim messaging he encountered on Nicollet Mall, "but I certainly did a double take when I first saw it!"

The origins of the doomsaying sign are unknown*, as are its specific intentions. Dead tired of Nicollet Mall construction delays? Ostensibly dead following the election of a certain autocratic, narcissistic doof? Dead in the classic Bible-y End Times sense? Impossible to say. 

This much we know: DeBaun's photo racked up 200-plus re-tweets, so whatever the sign is trying to say, people are listening. Take it away, Damien Rice's '90s alt-rock band Juniper: 

*Update: OK, it's possible to say. A savvy reader pointed out that the sign is part of a multi-part public poem by Sarah Fox in conjunction with the Living Banners & Words for Winter project.