Nicole Curtis nearly carjacked in Detroit?

The <i>Rehab Addict</i> host (right) says the media got the story wrong.

The Rehab Addict host (right) says the media got the story wrong.

Reality star Nicole Curtis had a run-in with a Detroit thief Monday night. After leaving a downtown jazz festival, the host of HGTV’s Rehab Addict and at least one other person were packing their car when a black SUV rolled up, Curtis wrote on Facebook.

A passenger hopped out and got into the Michigan native’s driver’s seat. Without elaborating, Curtis writes that the person somehow “went for the keys,” although they were apparently with her outside the car on the passenger side. The automobile intruder then grabbed a bag containing Curtis’ laptop and other items, got back into the black SUV and took off.

“I was the ‘victim’ of an attempted carjacking and it made me question every single thing I have going on in my life,” Curtis wrote in a since deleted or edited post. “I kept it together thru [sic] the police report and about halfway home …I lost it.”

Likely an unsettling encounter either way, police tell the Detroit Free Press it went down a little differently. Citing a police spokesperson, the Motor City paper says “there was no threat of a carjacking or assault at all.” Per the cops, the thief snatched a “purse” through an open window and ran away. In an edited Facebook post, Curtis disputes how media reports have portrayed the incident.

CORRECTION TO ALMOST EVERY NEWS STORY OUT THERE: I was with my family this week. A black SUV was parked running in...

However it happened, it sounds like Curtis escaped unharmed and she’s free to continue rankling Minneapolis officials and North Side residents.