Nick "The Goat" Thompson crushes the bar

Last July, CP wrote about one of our favorite local MMA fighters, Nick "The Goat" Thompson, and how he had to regroup from a loss to battle the Minnesota bar, the mother of all exams. This weekend, CP received awesome news from his wife, Molly. Her comments after the jump...

Hi Bradley,

You did an article on my husband Nick "the goat" Thompson before his fight on CBS in July. It was a really nice write-up so I wanted to let you know that he did take the bar two days after the fight and we found out yesterday that he passed. Just wanted to share the good news!

Molly Thompson

Every law student who's gone up against the bar knows it just might have been the worst thing created. No amount of mnemonics can adequately prepare a lawyer for the questions they might come up against. But not every law student is Nick "The Goat" Thompson.

In honor of the ass kicking, we provide this video pinched off his website. And if CP were to take the bar exam ourselves... something like this would occur.

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