Nick Espinosa on Bachmann & Associates glitter-bombing [INTERVIEW]

This morning, Bachmann & Associates was glitter-bombed by exactly the kind of gay "barbarians" Marcus Bachmann tries to cure with his "pray the gay away" therapy.

Mastermind and provocateur Nick Espinosa, who'd previously glitter-bombed Newt Gingrich at a Minneapolis event in May, told City Pages the surprise raid was an attempt to give the Bachmanns what they deserve.

"When we heard that Marcus Bachmann said that gay people are barbarians who need to be disciplined, everybody was pretty outraged," Espinosa said. "We thought, 'If you think we're barbarians, we're going to show you who the real barbarians are.'"

So, in a choreographed attack, Espinosa and his merry pranksters stormed the building, spreading glitter and joy.
Before they stormed the building, one person walked into the clinic to make sure they wouldn't disrupt any therapy and would only be glittering employees. When told the coast was clear, they made their move.

"I think they were pretty surprised to see us," Espinosa said. "I don't think they ever imagined that a horde of real gay barbarians would visit the clinic. Unfortunately Marcus did not come out and discipline us as we demanded."

The group was laughing and "joyous" during the glittering, Espinosa said. Employees weren't as happy, and asked the group to leave.

Most of the "barbarians" are actually gay, and wanted to stand up to Bachmann.
Most of the "barbarians" are actually gay, and wanted to stand up to Bachmann.

Espinosa said he hasn't given much thought to the possibility that the group could face trespassing charges, or any other punishment for their rainbow-colored protest.

"I guess we'll have to wait and see," he said. "What I'm more concerned with is that every day they're still practicing this discredited 'pray the gay away' therapy."

The majority of the "barbarians" are gay, and the rest are gay-friendly, but Espinosa said this was a new step for them.

"Most of them had never participated in anything like this," Espinosa said. "They said that it felt good -- it felt good to stand up to the Bachmanns' archaic views on LGBT equality."


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