Nichole Lavin accused of driving drunk, landing on a garage roof after crash

Just another day of flying cars in Manitowoc.

Just another day of flying cars in Manitowoc.

In Hollywood, they hire stuntmen to pull off this kind of thing. But in Wisconsin, people get to do their own stunts.

Take Nichole Lavin for example. The 22-year-old Manitowoc woman apparently thought she was in The Fast and the Furious, roaring down a major thoroughfare, weaving from side to side, cutting in and out of traffic. Then she clobbers the median, the car skids across the street, rolls over four times and smashes into a tree.

That would have been spectacular enough, especially since she managed to pull off the entire move without hitting any other cars or pedestrians.


But Lavin wasn't finished. For an encore, she flies out of the car's rear window, through a bunch of tree branches, and lands on a garage roof in good enough shape to climb down.

Medics took her to a local hospital, where she's expected to recover.

We were shocked to hear that police think "alcohol was a contributing factor."