Nicholas Wig arrested after he forgets to log off Facebook in South St. Paul house he burglarized

Nicholas Wig (pictured) picked a bad place and time to check his newsfeed.

Nicholas Wig (pictured) picked a bad place and time to check his newsfeed.

Well, this is dumb.

A 27-year-old South St. Paul resident named Nicholas Wig (his birthday is actually today) faces a felony burglary charge, but he might've gotten away with it had he either resisted the urge to check his Facebook from the South St. Paul house he was allegedly in the process of burglarizing, or remembered to log off after he was done.

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According to the criminal complaint, the resident of the house returned home on June 19 to find his home "in a state of disarray." A screen window had been removed while he was gone, and the front door was open even though he locked it when he left the home. Cash, a checkbook, credit cards, keys, and a Relic watch were among the items missing.

But the case was cracked when the victim took a gander at his computer.

"Law enforcement and Victim noted a FaceBook page was on the screen of Victim's computer," the complaint says. [Editorial note -- As anybody under the age of 50 surely knows, it's "Facebook".] "The FaceBook page was of 'Nick Dub's' profile. Nick Dub was later identified as Nicholas Steven Wig."

With the help of his Facebook profile, the victim was later able to locate Wig near 11th Avenue and Congress Street. He summoned the cops.

"Law enforcement located Defendant and observed he was wearing a Relic watch that matched the description of the watch taken in the burglary," the complaint says. "When asked if he had items that did not belong to him, Defendant stated he was going to give everything back."

How nice of him!

Wig had the victim's watch, car keys, and iPod shuffle on him. In a post-Miranda interview, he admitted he was the mastermind behind the burglary, and said the missing checkbook and credit cards could be found at his mom's house. After all, you wouldn't expect an alleged criminal capable of something this dumb to live anywhere besides his mom's house, would you?

To read the complaint for yourself, click to page two.


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