Nicholas Lehmeier threatened to shoot girlfriend as she breastfed their baby

Needy, mean, and potent: the three pillars of Nicholas Lehmeier's arrest.

Needy, mean, and potent: the three pillars of Nicholas Lehmeier's arrest.

Nicholas Lehmeier is the Michael Phelps of sperm. The 28-year-old's parenting skills aren't the stuff of Olympic gold, however.

Last April, Lehmeier's five kids were removed from his Stearns County home. A criminal complaint shows authorities were summoned after Lehmeier had reportedly assaulted his seven-year-old.

He pleaded guilty in November to a misdemeanor.

In between last spring's assault and the late 2015 court date, Lehmeier was allegedly not at his paternal best again. Last July, he and his girlfriend were reunified with their youngest child, though they'd yet to be granted custody of the other four. Lehmeier reportedly became upset with his romantic partner, scolding her for doting on the baby and not giving him enough attention. 

Lehmeier then blamed the mother for causing the kids to be taken. When the woman fired back that police arrived due to his action, Lehmeier allegedly pointed a loaded shotgun at her as she breastfed the child. He pulled the trigger, but the weapon misfired.

According to the complaint, Lehmeier then fetched a handgun, which he took into a nearby bedroom and fired a frustrated round out the window.  

It wouldn't be until this February that the woman reported the gun incident. She also told police of years of domestic abuse. Fear had kept her from coming forward sooner, she told law enforcement.

Lehmeier was charged with two crimes, including one felony. He posted bail four days later. If convicted for assault with a dangerous weapon stemming from the July episode, Lehmeier faces up to seven years in prison and a five-figure fine.

Stearns County Attorney spokesperson Janelle Kendall declined comment for this story.