Nicholas Lee Rolfer charged with sexually assualting ex-girlfriend at party while she cried for help

Nicholas Lee Rolfer charged with sexually assualting ex-girlfriend at party while she cried for help

A St. Patrick's Day party in South St. Paul turned into a horrifying scene last week when a 19-year-old South St. Paul man allegedly sexually assaulted and beat his ex-girlfriend while she screamed for help.

Nicholas Lee Rolfer is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and two counts of felony assault for the alleged attack. The 17-year-old girl says no one at the party helped her despite her repeated screams. The girl says his two brothers were outside the bathroom during the incident.

According to the criminal complaint, Rolfer forced the girl to perform oral sex on him after choking and beating her. She had bruises on her neck and forehead and bruises and cuts on her knuckles.

The girl says she was out with friends and ended up at Rolfer's house at the end of the night. She said she refused to go in because she was afraid of her ex-boyfriend, but he came outside and forced her to come in. He allegedly took her to his bedroom where he screamed at her and demanded she have sex with him. When she refused, he put his hand down her pants and sexually assaulted her as she told him to stop.

He then allegedly took her to the bathroom, locked the door and grabbed her throat. The girl says he punched her several times and then forced her to perform oral sex. She says she was screaming for help.

The investigation into additional charges against Rolfer's brothers or other possible accomplices in the crime is still open, says South St. Paul Police Chief Dan Vujovich. He says they don't have the evidence at this time to prove they helped Rolfer commit a crime.

Vujovich says they are still looking for additional witnesses that were at the party.

"We're still not sure where everyone was in the residence at the time or know if anyone actually heard her," he says.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the South St. Paul Police.

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