Ng's loss followed by recriminations in St. Paul


Political newcomer Eva Ng was soundly defeated 68 percent to 26 percent in her race to unseat incumbent St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. Now, as she absorbs that loss, she faces another challenge. This time, it comes from former campaign worker Lisa Belak, who alleges financial irregularities and broken laws during the campaign.

Here's part of the order filed with the state's Office of Administrative Hearings:

On November 6, 2009, Lisa Belak filed a campaign complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings alleging that Eva Eng and the Treasurer of Eva (sic) for Mayor Campaign Committee violated Minnesota Statutes 211A.02 and 211A.06 by failing to file accurate and complete campaign financial reports relating to Ms. Eng's November 2009 campaign for mayor of the city of St. Paul.

Administrative Law Judge Eric Lipman has ordered a hearing to be held within 90 days. Worst case scenario: a $5,000 penalty levied against Ng's campaign, or perhaps even a referal for criminal prosecution.

Ng tells the Pioneer Press that she's done nothing wrong, but the story indicates there's plenty of bad feelings between the two.