NFL says Viking dong image is their property


We're not sure if the NFL is ashamed that sneak peek images of Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe's are going viral online or if they just want to make a buck off of it. Vikings Gone Wild? Hard economies call for hard... well nevermind.

We reported earlier that the Vikings locker room fun after yesterday's game led to some privates making it into living room's across the country. We celebrate this.

After Dead Spin published screen shots of the live video, they received the following message from the NFL:

The NFL owns the copyright to all NFL game footage, including the postgame. You need to take down the photos from the Vikings locker room.

What's there to lose by letting the photos stick around? An honest penis slippage didn't do any harm and now you've got women across the country who might tune in for post game locker room video just in case.