NFL checks out Brett Favre's penis

Brett Favre meets the press.
Brett Favre meets the press.

Brett Favre is ducking the question about whether he texted pictures of his junk to New York Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger in 2008.

But the story's not dying.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told AP today, "We are reviewing the matter."

Favre, who played for the Jets when Deadspin said he sent the photos, was confronted with the issue on Thursday during a press conference.

"There's an e-mail report today that accuses you of sending some inappropriate text messages to a female employee of the Jets during your year there," said New York Post reporter Brian Costello. "Would you care to respond to those allegations?"

"No, I'm not getting into that," Favre said. "I've got my hands full with the Jets, and trying to get some timing down with our guys. So that's all I'm going to discuss."

He may not want to discuss the matter, but with the Vikings lining up against the Jets on Monday night, the story is sure to grow a third leg.

The Favre File:

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