Next week in the Pi Press: Rebecca Jarvis's favorite hot dish recipes

class=img_thumbleft>Today's Pioneer Press features a




runner-up Rebecca Jarvis. This wouldn't be particularly noteworthy if not for the bizarre obsession that the St. Paul newspaper has recently developed for reality-TV contestants with Minnesota ties--Jarvis in particular.

According to a Nexis search this was the 20th Pi Press story since September mentioning the game-show contestant. Of those articles, 12 were primarily about Jarvis. The newspaper has now devoted more than 5,000 words to chronicling the would-be Trump employee, almost all of them penned by entertainment scribe Amy Carlson Gustafson. Perhaps most amazingly this was not the first Q&A with Jarvis to make the paper: two months ago a similar heart-to-heart with the St. Paul Academy graduate ran. Making matters even more ridiculous is the fact that Jarvis' mother is a former business columnist at the newspaper.

The Pi Press might not bother covering Minneapolis anymore, but it has become the authoritative source on Minnesotans who appear on reality-TV shows. Quite a journalistic accomplishment.

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