Newsweek's excellent Michele Bachmann adventure, Day 2

Newsweek's Andrew Romano keeps up the tweets while traipsing around District 6 during Michele Bachmann's campaign stops masquerading as "jobs forums."

"Seriously. These forums are very anti: anti-reg, anti-tax, anti-bailout. No fixes," he writes at the end of Day 1. "What will #Bachmann and Co talk about if they take over?"

Before signing off last night, he caught the spirit of the tour: "Every question asked of #Bachmann today was submitted via notecard. This is unusual. When a voter in Monticello spoke out, MB stiffed him."

But this morning it sounds like he's not alone in his frustration: "Howard Beale lives! After a day of written q's for Bachmann, a man shouts out in Hugo 1) "This isn't a town hall! You aren't listening to us!"

This afternoon: "My fave: "I think God chose Marcus 4 me bc he knew I was gonna be the old lady in a shoe with 28 kids and I needed a man to get me thru it."

But, hey, Andy, cut us some slack will ya? No need to remind us we're in flyover country. We like it here: "Passing thru Brooklyn Park, MN en route to a #Bachmann event in Ramsey. There are definitely no hipsters here."

We'll keep bringing you Romano's greatest hits today. Stay tuned.

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