Newspapers Across MN Run Another Anti-Transgender Ad

Well-funded opponents of the Minnesota State High School League's new proposed transgender policy continue to run scaremongering ads in newspapers that are more than happy to take their money.

Newspaper readers across the state found a full-page color advertisement in the Sunday paper warning the new policy could result in stolen scholarships for parents' 14-year-old daughters. The new wave of ads comes a week before the MSHSL is scheduled to vote on the policy and two months since the Child Protection League Action ran its last controversial full-page ad in the Star Tribune.

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The MSHSL was supposed to vote on the watered-down policy (it was reduced from four pages to two pages by eliminating specifics about eligibility requirements, hormone therapy and guidelines for hotel room and locker rooms) at its October 2 meeting, but it was postponed until December 6.

Steve Yaeger, the Star Tribune's vice-president of marketing and public relations, didn't return a request for comment, but he told us this back when CPLA's first ad ran in October that the ad met all the requirements of the Strib's ad policy.

Over at Bluestem Prairie, Sally Jo Sorensen used some crowd-sourcing sorcery to figure out that in addition to the Star Tribune, the ad also ran in newspapers serving Duluth, Mankato, St. Cloud and Winona.

Interestingly enough, Twitter superstar Chris Steller found that the stock photo CPLA used in its latest ad was also used for the cover of "Going, Going, Gone: Susie's Story," a teen novel about a lesbian high school softball player.

MSHSL's proposed transgender policy is posted below and interested parties can submit comments to the MSHSL online.

MSHSL Transgender Policy