News Council sides with Mari Newman

On May 3, the Minnesota Daily ran a review of the Theatre in the Round's production of "The Madwoman of Chaillot."

"Every city needs its own maniacal, googily eyed token crazy lady," the article began. "Minneapolis has 'Scary' Mari Newman, the electric haired, pierced-up artist whose house on 51st and Penn is a full-blown installation of garish folk art."

Newman, some of whose art you can see here, filed a complaint with the Minnesota News Council, asserting that the paper was unfair a) in leading the review with a reference to her, b) in how it described her, and c) in giving her approximate address.

The 14-member panel agreed with Newman on the first two complaints, but not on the third. The votes were 11-3, 10-4, and 3-10 (with one abstention), respectively.

"There’s an underlying negative tone to this review," said panelist Kerri Miller. "It goes beyond colorful creativity.”

Al Zdon, a public member who voted to deny all three complaints, disagreed. “I don’t see a problem with what the Daily wrote,” Zdon said. “Perhaps it was not well-written, but that’s fairly common in journalism.”

hat tip to Minnesota Monitor

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