New York Daily News tweaks Twins: Minny "mouse"

NY Daily News: Cocky.
NY Daily News: Cocky.

The New York Daily News front page predicted an "E-Z Pass" for the Yankees over the Twins in the ALDS earlier this week.

Today, the headline writers struck again: "Pettitte turns Minny into a mouse."

"The Yankees beating the Twins is not really news anymore," scribbles Filip Bondy. "They do that more often than dog bites man."

Fine. We're two games down. But we'll see you Saturday in the Bronx.

New York Daily News tweaks Twins: Minny "mouse"

Meanwhile, the other tabloid in town, the Post, had other things on its front page mind: Brett Favre's Jenn Sterger problem:

The Yankees were relegated to the sports page:

And in case you missed it, here's Monday's Bronx Bomber baseball bluster from the Daily News:

New York Daily News tweaks Twins: Minny "mouse"

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