New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up


:::: UPDATE (May 13) :::: To make roster room for all the undrafted free agents the team signed after last weekend's NFL Draft, the Vikings today released Lawrence and offensive lineman Josh Samuda, who suffered a grisly leg injury during a team workout last month.

The Simoni Lawrence car accident saga has finally come to an end.

Nearly a year after the uninsured former U of M football captain rear-ended 57-year-old Karla Rehberg on I-94 near downtown Minneapolis, Lawrence hasĀ finally agreed to reimburse her for the damage.

Rehberg and Lawrence met yesterday afternoon at Hagen's Auto Body in Uptown, where work will soon begin to repair the roughly $3,500 worth of damage caused to her Honda Fit by Simoni's white Camaro.

"He didn't seem too eager to hand over the credit card, but he did it, so I'm very proud of him," Rehberg, a 57-year-old self-employed hairdresser, told us. "He wasn't rude to me."

Coming on the heels of a year's worth of arm-twisting, Rehberg said her conversation with Lawrence was brief and to the point. She said he explained that part of his reluctance to pay for the damage previously stemmed from concerns Rehberg might be trying to take advantage of him.

"When he called me today, he said, 'If I just give you a $3,000 check will it take care of it?' I said, it probably wouldn't, but we just need to get the damage fixed, that's all," Rehberg said.

Lawrence is certainly in better position to pay up than he was a year ago. Coming off a strong season in the CFL, Simoni signed a deal with the Vikings earlier this week. The minimum NFL salary is just over $400,000.

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