New Timberwolf Lazar Hayward says he can see dead people... literally

Hayward says he can see dead people, but can't talk to them yet. Alrightey then.
Hayward says he can see dead people, but can't talk to them yet. Alrightey then.

When the Timberwolves' tragi-comical string of injuries continued with forward Josh Howard blowing out his ACL last month, they signed a familiar face to replace him -- Lazar Hayward, who spent the 2010-11 season with the club.

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Seeing how Hayward hasn't started a single game during the course of his career, his signing normally wouldn't be something we'd devote digital ink to. But then he went and told reporters he has the unique ability to literally see dead people during an interview after his first practice back with the squad.

From the Star Tribune:

Out of the NBA and out of basketball since Houston waived him in October, the Wolves' former first-round draft pick has worked recently with two Los Angeles mediums who he says have guided him on a spiritual quest that dates to his childhood.

"I've always just had a lot of questions spiritually because I always kind of seen stuff when I was a kid and I used to tell friends and they'd look at me and say, 'Lazar, you might need some help,' " he said laughing during a surreal post- practice conversation with reporters. "So they used to make fun of me. I just had a lot of questions because I've always just wondered."

Hayward has a friend whom he claims has talked through such a medium to a brother who has been dead for six years. That relationship helped convince him to seek his own answers.

"I've actually been able to see a spirit," Hayward said. "I can't talk to them yet, but I have seen them."

Lazar's remarks -- combined with a lifeless T-Wolves performance during his first game back with the team, last night's 106-84 loss in Utah -- prompted this quip from longtime Twin Cities sports journalist Patrick Reusse:

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