New study: With our health care system, Minnesotans have no excuse to get sick or die

The Commonwealth Fund just released its new Scorecard on Local Health System Performance, and it turns out we Minnesotans really have no good reason for ever getting sick or dying.

How well Minnesota cities performed in the rankings is actually pretty ridiculous -- St. Paul ranked top in the nation out of the 306 cities Commonwealth analyzed, followed by Rochester at third, Minneapolis at fourth, and St. Cloud at seventh. Coming in second overall is Dubuque, Iowa. The worst health care in the nation can be found in Monroe, Louisiana. For the full rankings, click here.

Commonwealth's report characterizes health care providers in the Twin Cities area as "often in the vanguard of broader statewide efforts to promote higher-performing and more organized forms of health care delivery."

The study analyzed 43 factors, including access to care, quality, cost, and number of potentially available hospital admissions. Health outcomes -- including infant mortality, obesity, smoking rates, and cancer deaths -- were also factored in.

In a summary of the study, Twin Cities Business writes that "the Twin Cities' health care environment is characterized by nonprofit health plans and physician-led group practices that have developed trust to collaborate on areas of common concern while competing in the marketplace, according to the report."

Of course, things aren't perfect here. About 10 percent of Minnesotans have no health insurance coverage (compared with 16 percent nationally), and the infant mortality rate remains above 5 percent (compared to nearly 7 percent nationally). Many would argue that those numbers, despite being far ahead of the national average, are nonetheless too high. But Commonwealth's study indicates Minnesota is clearly a national leader in both quality of care and access to coverage, and no matter you slice it, that's good news.

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