New Strib readers' representative soliciting letters

Dear Strib readers:

Despite what you may have read recently, we here at the Star-Tribune are very much devoted to providing you, the reader, unfettered transparency. And despite claims indicating otherwise, I am indeed working part-time as the Strib's readers’ representative.

I felt compelled to write on this matter after reading Kate Parry’s Sunday column. In what can only be construed as a parting practical joke, Parry—our outgoing readers' representative—penned a farewell piece criticizing Strib editors for their unwillingness to replace her. The subhed said it all: "As I move to another position, editors aren't filling this job. That’s not good news for readers."

Now, I’ll concede that I might not be the most qualified person for the job. But I am a person. Granted, I have not received—let alone responded to—a single letter from a reader. Nor have I picked up a copy of the Strib in two-and-a half weeks. And yes, if you must know, when I called the newsroom earlier today to check-in, editor Nancy Barnes cheekily claimed to have never heard of me.

I guess I’ll just have to earn their respect. Or, in this case, recognition of my existence on planet earth. But I can’t make that happen unless I have letters to which to respond. That’s where you, the readers, come in. Write me a letter. Anything. Commend higher-ups on their hiring and/or firing decisions. Write about how excited you are about our impending Burnsville initiative. Compliment Nancy Barnes on her puckish sense of humor. Take a few potshots at our resident wingnut. Hell, throw a few barbs my way. Just give me something to work with here.

Or not. I get paid either way.

Much Love,

Your Readers’ Representative at the Strib

p.s. Send your questions/comments/death threats to [email protected]