New Roseville gym promises ninja warrior workouts

If this looks fun and intimidating, Jaysen Saly's new gym calls out to you.

If this looks fun and intimidating, Jaysen Saly's new gym calls out to you.

Behind the doors of a nondescript warehouse in Roseville is a workout fanatic's dream.

Five Star Ninja Warrior gym is Jaysen Saly's brainchild. Thrity obstacle courses occupy the 3,200 square feet. They include things like six-foot long PVC pipes that hang 12 feet high, the challenge being to pull yourself up and move from pipe to pipe. 

Then there's the Peg Devil Steps, where you place the pegs into the requisite holes, ascend 14 feet, then sideways before coming back down the other side. 

Saly's gym is engineered to test one's physical and mental mettle.

"Anyone can go hop on a treadmill or do a bench press," he says. "This is working out at a whole other level. Yes, it's meant to challenge you, but it's also supposed to be fun. That's the biggest difference between Five Star Ninja Warrior and the local gym. These will be the hardest workouts you'll ever love."  

Unlimited monthly workouts cost $79. Seven levels of classes are offered, including the gruesome "Warrior Shred" that combines strength and cardio training. 

The Five Star Ninja Warrior facility on Cleveland Avenue held its grand opening on Friday. The facility will be equal parts birthday party venue and training center for those tackling the next Tough Mudder. 

"What we are here is building up ourselves, our community, and one another, versus just being a place where you come in, work out, and go,"  says Saly, who competed last spring on the NBC ninja warrior show. "… I know some people might be a little intimidated by our obstacles. But I promise if they give it just one chance, it can change their life."