New restrictions mean parking in Minneapolis might be a mess until April

The city of Minneapolis imposed winter parking restrictions yesterday, meaning drivers face a $200-plus ticket and tow if they park on the even numbered side of non-Snow Emergency Routes.

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Minneapolis's move came days after Minnesota's most recent snowpocalypse left some city streets too narrow for emergency vehicles to safety operate.

Unfortunately, unlike the three-day snow emergencies we all know and hate, Minneapolis's winter parking restrictions probably won't be lifted anytime soon. They'll last until April 1 "unless conditions allow the City to lift the ban earlier," an email sent by the city says. And with the polar vortex back in full effect this week, a thaw appears to be a ways down the road yet.

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"Streets designated as parkways and Snow Emergency Routes are not affected by Winter Parking Restrictions and vehicles can park on both sides of these streets unless otherwise posted," the city email continues. "Winter parking restrictions are being put in place because Minneapolis has had so much snow that streets have narrowed to the point that access for emergency vehicles is restricted, posing a risk to public safety."

St. Paul officials are considering implementing similar parking restrictions, but no decision had been made as of this morning.

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