New Prague Middle School evacuated again following bomb threat

This, apparently, is the crazy terroristic threat capital of Minnesota.
This, apparently, is the crazy terroristic threat capital of Minnesota.

As it became clear that the school shooting reported yesterday at New Prague Middle School was a hoax, one young New Prague resident offered up this quip on Twitter: "I highly recommend New Prague schools if you like getting out of class for bomb threats and gun threats."

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She wasn't kidding. Today, the school is again evacuated following a bomb threat.

According to the Star Tribune, "Scott County Sheriff Kevin Studnicka said the threat involved a bomb that was supposed to go off at 9:01 a.m., a time that passed without incident."

Students got out of school at 10:30 a.m. yesterday following a couple hours of lockdown. In the midst of all these threats, they might not be able to learn much reading or math, but at least they'll have an intimate knowledge of emergency evacuating procedures.

:::: UPDATE ::::

From WCCO:

According to the school's website, "New Prague Area Schools has received notice of a bomb threat in the Middle School and the CEC building. All Middle School students are being evacuated to the ice arena. When the police give the okay students will be returned to the buildings."

The middle school has reportedly been cleared of the bomb threat and students will soon be returning to class until the end of the day or the next threat, whichever comes first.

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