New poll shows Trump getting crushed by Democrats in Minnesota

The latest polling is clear: Minnesotans really don't like the guy.

The latest polling is clear: Minnesotans really don't like the guy. Mike Madison

If Donald Trump's Minneapolis rally was supposed to ignite his Minnesota faithful, it didn't work. A new poll by the Star Tribune shows him losing in a landslide to each of the top Democratic contenders.

The poll, conducted after the rally, shows Trump losing to Joe Biden by 12 points, and Elizabeth Warren by 11. Bernie Sanders, fresh off a heart attack, still managed to beat him by 9 points.

As you might expect, the best performing Democrat was Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who pounded Trump by 17 points. Yet the problem for Klobuchar is that she has little support outside Minnesota. Though she's begun to get notice by attacking fellow Democrats, she remains stuck at a lowly 2 percent in national primary polling.

Trump is in much worse shape. Though he's pumping money and staffers into Minnesota, it doesn't appear to be working here or anywhere else in the Midwest.

Morning Consult does monthly tracking of his approval rating, gauging whether it's up or down since his inauguration. In Minnesota, Trump's down 11 percent since 2017. He's dropped the same amount in Wisconsin.

In Iowa, he's dropped by 14 percent. He's also -10 percent in Michigan, -5 in Ohio, and -8 in Pennsylvania. If the heartland was his savior in the last election, it appears to be abandoning that role.

In Minnesota, his approval rating is a meager 40 percent.