New poll: Franken 41, Coleman 37, Barkley 14

New poll: Franken 41, Coleman 37, Barkley 14

There are two new polls out on the Sen. Norm Coleman and Al Franken race. Looks like people find these results more believable than the recent Star Tribune and KSTP polls.

The Minnesota Public Radio/Humphrey Institute polls find the state's U.S. Senate race is tightening:

Democratic challenger Al Franken went from 9 percentage points behind to 4 points ahead of Republican incumbent Coleman following congressional approval of the Wall Street bailout plan.

The poll surveyed 346 likely voters three days before the vice presidential debate. A second survey of 418 likely voters was conducted three days after last Thursday's debate.

While those numbers have Franken overtaking Coleman, Franken's lead is within the margin of error — which was about 5 percent in both polls — leaving Coleman and Franken in a statistical dead heat.

Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley's support held steady at 14 percent, before and after the plan was approved.

Doesn't look like anyone will be giving up on this race any time soon. Take the boxing gloves off and get serious!

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