New Minnesota football coach P.J. Fleck appears to be a crazy person [VIDEO]

P.J. Fleck likes to mix it up with his players, which we believe is what's happening here.

P.J. Fleck likes to mix it up with his players, which we believe is what's happening here.

That was fast.

You can stop sending in applications to the University of Minnesota jobs website. The school's hired a new football coach, and it's P.J. Fleck, the guy who just led little Western Michigan University to its first undefeated regular season in 75 years. 

That marked an incredible rise from the team's first year under Fleck, 2013, when the Broncos won one game and lost 11. 

How did he do it? Probably through some combination of recruiting, coaching, scheduling, all that regular stuff.

But based on these videos below, we're also ready to give some credit to a particularly Fleck-ian brand of enthusiasm that, at times, borders on madness. 

Sure, these clips are jam-packed with coachin' cliches aplenty. "Leadership leads!" he shouts, hopefully to no one in particular; "Tonight is the night," he says in a pre-game speech, "we get on our high horse, and we march the streets... to prove that our perceptions are deceptions." OK, coach.

But you'll also be taken with just how energetic -- frisky, even; manic? -- the 36-year-old seems. Fleck has a thing for runnin' around the field and hollerin', stopping occasionally to physically mix it up with one of his guys. Watch for the part in this first video where Fleck, having apparently wrestled the ball loose from one player, brandishes it in a taunting manner toward others, as if he's showing a fetch toy to his dogs.

This brand of coaching must be exhausting. Then again, it seems to have worked out, building a little pre-dynasty in Kalamazoo, Michigan of all places. The Gophers would settle for a winning record and a few scandal-free seasons.

Fleck is expected to be introduced in a 3:00 p.m. press conference this afternoon, and, if everything goes according to plan (and when has it not?!), will be hanging around the Twin Cities for the next five years. Expect to see him in line at campus coffee shops. He will not be ordering decaf.