New Minn. laws Aug. 1: teeth, lasers, passing speed limit


Minnesota will start enforcing some new laws Saturday. It's time to make sure you're up to date so you don't get busted doing something stupid. We've picked out some of the most notable to keep all of our readers law-abiding citizens. You might even get a good life boost from some of these laws meant to protect Minnesota residents.

You aren't liable for charges on lost cell phone

Customers who lose their phone won't have to pay for unauthorized calls and charges on their phone. Remember you have to contact your wireless provider ASAP to tell them your phone is lost or stolen for this law to help you out. You then must be willing to suspend the service on the device.

Passing speed limit increased

Drivers can now go up to 10 mph over the speed limit when passing another vehicle on a two-lane highway when the road's speed limit is at least 55 mph.

Ticket sellers must make all tickets available to public

After some controversy surrounding ticket resellers using bots to snap up available seats from Ticketmaster, Minnesota has a new law banning the practice of big ticketing companies allowing smaller resellers to buy most of the tickets and then mark up the price. Ticket sellers must make available for sale all tickets under their control or face a possible misdemeanor charge.

Sex trafficking gets bigger punishment

Any sex trafficking crimes committed after Aug. 1 will result in higher fines and bigger sentences. The change of law "contains a provision for a 25-year sentence for first- and second-degree cases involving aggravating factors, such as repeat offenders, the victim suffering bodily harm during the offense, more than one victim is involved, or if the time the victim was held in debt bondage or forced labor was for more than 180 days," according to the House of Representatives.

State agencies can hold e-meetings

We're catching up with this whole world of technology. State agencies can now hold e-meetings online as long as the video is also available to the public.

New dental therapist license available

There will now be another type of dental practitioner with the ability to fix your teeth. The mid-level license will be a middle option between dentists and hygienists to help in underserved areas. They will be able to pull teeth and fill cavities.

American college, American-made clothes

Campus bookstores at public colleges and universities will be required, to the extent possible, to offer clothing made in the United States. It's all about loving America (and American Apparel) these days.

Loan forgiveness for large animal veterinarians

The state will start offering loan forgiveness to veterinarians who work full-time in underserved rural areas mostly with food animals.

Stop pointing lasers at planes

You'll be sent to jail if you think it's a good idea to point a laser at an aircraft. The crime will be a gross misdemeanor and can result in up to a year in prison. Lasers can mess up the aircraft windsheild, blinding the pilot.

Review some of the other new laws here (PDF).