New car service Uber offering free rides to the polls

A black car will take you to the polls tomorrow -- free.
A black car will take you to the polls tomorrow -- free.
courtesy Uber

Campaign volunteers have been amping up their phone calls in the past few days, flooding answering machines and voicemail boxes across the state with pleas to vote yes or no or him or her.

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Sometimes, they actually get people on the line -- those bored or foolish folks still answering calls from unknown numbers during election season -- and if they do, one of their favorite questions is, "Do you have a voting plan?"

The volunteers (probably) aren't asking for your five-year electoral strategy, even though the question can feel that way. They just want to be sure you're ready to vote: you know where your polling place is, when it's open, and how you're getting there.

If you're still unsure about those first two: Find your polling place here, and polls in the metro area are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., giving you a cool 13 hours to cast your ballot. For that last point -- transportation -- you can always stick to your standard means of getting around.

Or you can get to the polls in style. The techie car service Uber, which has been running in Minneapolis-St. Paul for just over a week, is teaming up with Rock the Vote to offer what it calls FREE(DOM) rides for all Twin Cities voters tomorrow.

New users can download the Uber app, sign in, click "Promotions," enter the code "VOTEMSP," and order a luxury black car. (Users who already have an account can skip the first two steps, and users who don't have a smartphone can call a car via Uber's website).

One trip to or from a polling place -- within the service's coverage area, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., and up to $20.12 -- is on Uber.

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