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A literate bankruptcy law prof on the disappearing middle class

Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren and some of her colleagues and students are blogging some great stuff at TPMCafe, a group of blogs owned by Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall. Warren is co-author, with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi of "The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle Class Mothers and Fathers are Going Broke." Her new blog reports on the consumer credit crunch and other economic issues pertaining to the middle-class.

Todd Zywicki (credit industry head cheerleader, Volokh Conspirator and maybe the only bankruptcy professor in America who actually supported the recent Congressional mangling) has a lot of work ahead of him.  Families will soon discover what life is like when the door to the bankruptcy court, the financial refuge of last resort for the past 107 years, is too narrow to permit many of them any relief.  So what�s the best way to head off a Congressional stampede to bring back the century-old system?  Blame families. 

Other bylines spotted during a quick perusal of the rest of TPMCafe, which sports blogs on politics, foreign policy, culture, labor, and, oddly, coffee: Anne Lamott, Todd Gitlin, Matthew Yglesias, and others. It's not all pearls, but there's a lot worth reading. Much more, we'd venture, than at some other new, liberal blogs.

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