New App Helps Starving College Kids Find the Free Food

There's a problem on our nation's campuses when the squirrels are fatter than our kids.

There's a problem on our nation's campuses when the squirrels are fatter than our kids.

As earnest contributors to Minnesota's mushrooming student debt, college students can't afford to add shame on top of routine expenses like coin laundry and library late fees.

When every quarter counts, the promise of free food poses an irrefutable selling point.

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Davidson College students recently launched an app called Free Food Finder, which directs starving college students across the nation toward complimentary munchies on their campuses.

The app trawls Facebook feeds for pertinent keywords like "snacks," and helps student organizations push their events by highlighting the most eye-catching fine print on their listings: the availability of free donuts.

More important, it also cuts down the unnecessary awkwardness that comes with deciding how long to stay for a lecture if you're only there for the pizza, or whether it's kosher to just grab and go as long as you're discreet about it.

Gaining that freshman 15 shouldn't be a bougie luxury reserved for those with the means to afford meal plans, because everyone deserves an extra layer to get through the winter. And if indeed college has progressed to the point where students can feel safe to speak their truth about constant cravings, we'll all be better off for having well-nourished future leaders.

Free food events coming up at the University of Minnesota: an American Indian film series with curiously vague refreshments and a "Diversity through the Disciplines" lecture that will offer a "light buffet."

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