Neveln Elementary kids stunned by Target Field "cheap seats"

Bright lights. Big city. Less room for outstate kids
Bright lights. Big city. Less room for outstate kids

So here you are, a good student at Neveln Elementary School in Austin. You sign up for crossing guard duty and student council because you know, just like in years passed, you're going to get a trip up to the big city to catch your heroes, the Minnesota Twins, play ball. A childhood dream come true. A classic moment of Americana.

But this year at Neveln, there's some sticker shock and a barren student council budget.

Back in the Metrodome days, the 69 Neveln kids who made the trip paid $5 for their cheap seats and the school covered the cost of the the bus ride. This year, the tickets cost them $22 each -- a very big deal in a school where where 63 percent of students qualify for free or reduced price lunches.

School principal Dewey Schara says the student council wiped out its $400 balance so the kids could make the trip today to see the Twins play the Tigers.

Adding insult to injury: The Twins quoted the school ticket prices in the $10-$14 range in the pre-season; the $22 price the students ended up paying felt like a bait and switch the Twins tried to assuage with an autographed bat from Jason Kubel.

Turns out the team didn't understand that Neveln was sending to many kids; they couldn't accommodate them all in the cheapest seats.

Schara's he's glad the kids got to make the trip. But he's cheesed off and staying home.

"Our tax-dollars and whatnot are paying for the stadium... Meanwhile, it's too expensive for most of our kids to even go see them play," he told the Austin Daily Herald.

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