Neo-Nazis are leaving their mark in Uptown

A subtle message of hate sprinkled throughout Uptown has neighbors irritated.

A subtle message of hate sprinkled throughout Uptown has neighbors irritated. Submitted photo

Update: Since this story ran, anonymous antifacists have been diligently cleaning up the block by scraping the stickers away.

A neo-Nazi group is looking for new members, and apparently figured that Uptown Minneapolis would be a good place to dip their toes.

A City Pages tipster says he and a friend were out for a sunny stroll near Lake Calhoun on Sunday when they saw a sticker reading “frihetskamp” slapped on a street pole. He looked it up, found a website for the racist Nordic Resistance Movement — which offers some polite literature on purging society of nonwhite, gay, and Jewish people — and had to laugh.

Moving on, he found a good smattering of stickers up and down the block. That annoyed him just enough to give police a heads up.

“As a minority and it being Pride Month, I found disturbing their beliefs on ‘if possible,’ gently removing minorities from the country, and anti-gay attitude,” he says.

Minneapolis Police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal says that Fifth Precinct Lt. Giovanni Veliz has ordered extra beat patrol in the Uptown area to look for anyone who may be trying to vandalize public property. Sgt. Kara Parker in the graffiti division was also notified so that she could document the stickers if they popped up elsewhere.

Michal says anyone who catches the culprit in the act could help the city crack down by snapping a photo.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a sort of social club for white power people that organizes study circles and nature outings. Their unlikely and oft-oxymoronic ideology envisions the creation of a new Scandinavia without people of color, where all the blond-haired white people who are left join the military to oppose Israel, while enjoying total freedom of expression so long as all critical media is banned. They also want strong animal rights, for good measure.

In Europe, their political demonstrations typically involve burning the Israeli flag, beating up people who criticize their Aryan pride banners. and the occasional terroristic attack on refugees and gays.

Earlier this year, suspected members seemed to be escalating terroristic efforts with the bombing of two Swedish refugee centers.