Nebraska Man Facing Jail Time for Selling Salvia...

In April, we wrote of a Minnesota lawmaker's efforts to ban Salvia Divinorum, a perfectly legal, potent psychedelic you can buy over-the-counter at finer, higher headshops across the Twin Cities. Those efforts failed and the (third) eye-opening mint remains legal, which means you should have at 'er right this instant before the decrepit, voyeuristic parasites who rule this country decree its use malum prohibitum the nation over.

Which brings us to a one Christian Firoz. Mr. Firoz is the proprietor of a Lincoln, NE boutique. He began hawking the infamous sage last Spring. After undercover officers came in and bought a packet, agents returned with warrants for his arrest. Which was rather ominous, considering he had sold nothing illegal.

Nevertheless, authorities charged Firoz with an obscure state statute that bans the selling of substances "which will induce an intoxicated condition."

No big deal, right? No court could possibly uphold such archaic nonsense. But on September 10, Lancaster County Judge Gale Pokorny ruled in favor of the prosecution; Firoz must stand trial and faces 3 months in jail and a $500 fine.

In her order, Judge Pokorny penned the following tribute to asinine absurdity:

"This judge is of the opinion that Mr. Christian Firoz knew precisely that the Salvia Divinorum he was selling was a 'substance' his purchasers were buying intended for human ingestion for the sole purpose of achieving mind altering intoxication."

No beer vendors have yet been charged.

[Hat tip: Drug War Chronicle]

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