Nearly 2 in 3 Minnesotans want Coleman to concede, poll says


Nearly 2 in 3 Minnesotans think Norm Coleman should concede the U.S. Senate race to Al Franken, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

About 64 percent of respondents said Coleman should stop his fight after the three-judge panel ruled that Franken won by 312 votes. Just 28 percent of those polled called his appeal to the state Supreme Court "appropriate".

The poll numbers are nearly identical to those released earlier this month by Public Policy Polling. About 63 percent of voters in that survey thought Coleman should concede. That poll consisted only of state voters.

Back to the Minnesota Poll, there were some other interesting stats revealed:

  • If Coleman wins at the Minnesota Supreme Court, 57 percent said Franken should concede.
  • If Coleman loses again, 73 percent said Coleman should concede.
  • About 57 percent of Republicans polled approved of Coleman's appeal, but that same number also want him to concede if he loses again.
  • Two-thirds of respondents think the election system needed improvement (46 percent) or was seriously flawed (21 percent). About 30 percent thought the system was accurate or fair.
The Minnesota Poll was a random telephone survey consisting of 1,042 Minnesota adults. The group was 20 percent Republican, 36 percent Democrat and 37 percent independents, with 6 percent not identifying. There was a 4 percent margin of sampling error.