NDSU student reports rape; authorities say she was acting out rape fantasy and charge her

Gullickson admits to publishing a Craigslist post where she sought help carrying out a brutal rape fantasy.
Gullickson admits to publishing a Craigslist post where she sought help carrying out a brutal rape fantasy.

North Dakota State University was on high alert Monday one day after a brutal rape was reported to campus police.

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Fargo native Mary Gullickson, 20, told police she was forced into a vehicle, abducted, and raped on Sunday evening, and police sent out a campus-wide email alerting the NDSU community. But  they later determined that Gullickson literally got what she had asked for on the internet and ended up charging her with a misdemeanor count of giving false information to law enforcement.

After the campus-wide email informing students about "a man in a blue ski mask forcing a female student into a vehicle in a campus parking lot" was sent, "a man stepped forward to tell police he was corresponding with a woman the day of the alleged rape who said she was a 20-year-old female who wanted to be picked up off the street, bound with duct tape, forced to have sex, then dropped off where she was found," Forum Communications reports.

With his help, police were able to find a Craigslist post published by Gullickson where she solicited a partner to help her carry out her rape fantasy.

After determining no rape had occurred and arresting Gullickson yesterday evening, NDSU police released another statement: "Investigation indicated there was not an abduction and a forced sexual assault did not occur as reported. Based on the information, we believe there is no specific threat to the campus or the surrounding community."

"Showing her iPhone to police, Gullickson had so many messages between her and others she met on Craigslist on Sunday that she could no longer tell which came from the alleged suspect," Forum Communication, citing the criminal complaint, reports, adding: "In more than one message, Gullickson asked for $100 in exchange for sex."

Gullickson told police she reported the incident as a rape "because her boyfriend forced her" to post the Craigslist ad.

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