NBC Nightly News names double amputee Nick Nelson bright spot of 08

Nick Nelson, a Minnesota kid who asked doctors to amputate his legs, was named the top brights spot of 2008 by NBC Nightly News.

Nick was born with a rare condition that caused his legs to be webbed in back of his knee, which prevented him from properly walking. So he requested that his legs be amputated, as we wrote here and here.

Nick's part begins at 1:42, right after Michael Phelps (talk about a hard act to follow!). The video praises Nick's "quiet courage" as being emblematic of 2008, a year in which the nation faced hard choices and great uncertainty.

KARE-11 reporter Joe Fryer deserves the kudos for finding this story and following it through. Seeing his work in such a prominent nationwide slot must have made for a fun New Year's.

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