National Night Out: You might just meet your neighbors and actually socialize


We know that whole meeting new people and socializing thing gets tough when your life is really busy and you've got important things to do. The neighbor with the Shih Tzu always creeped you out anyway. But you might be thinking twice about your lack of social skills in your neighborhood when other residents on your block fail to report the sound of shattering glass as burglars break into your home and steal your flatscreen TV.

OK, so that's a little extreme. But tomorrow night is National Night Out and it never hurt to whip up a hot dish and spend an hour outside meeting the people who share the same block. You might meet a new friend, lover, or much-needed guard dog. And those pesky children always playing football in your yard might even win over your heart with their potty jokes.

To find out about a block party in your area, check out the Minneapolis lists here.