National Labor Relations Board finds merit with fired Chicago Lakes Liquor workers' case

Protestors picket outside Chicago Lake Liquors earlier this spring.
Protestors picket outside Chicago Lake Liquors earlier this spring.
Erica Nicole

Today, the National Labor Relations Board announced it has found merit in the wrongful termination case put forth by the Chicago Lake Liquors Five, meaning the NLRB will now represent the fired workers as they try to receive back pay and/or get their jobs back.

THE BACKSTORY: Fired Chicago Lake Liquors workers still expect to get jobs back with back pay

According to fired Chi-Lake worker Hallie Wallace, the next step will be for an NLRB representative to present a settlement offer to Chi-Lake owner John Wolf. If Wolf doesn't accept the offer, the case could go before an administrative law judge. In an interview earlier this week, Marlin Osthus, regional director for the local branch of the NLRB, said the board has a perfect record during the last couple of years in cases that have wound up in court.

Wallace said she and the four other workers who were fired from Chi-Lake earlier this spring just days after petitioning management for raises won't accept a settlement that doesn't involve getting their jobs back. She said she's been told by the NLRB that if Wolf doesn't accept a settlement, the case should come before an administrative law judge within the next couple of months.

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