Nathan Kluessendorf arrested for shootout with St. Paul Park police

Nathan Klussendorf was shot by a Washington County SWAT team sniper at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Nathan Klussendorf was shot by a Washington County SWAT team sniper at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Nathan Kluessendorf was arrested yesterday for shooting at St. Paul Park police in a standoff Tuesday morning.

The standoff started when police got a call about a suicidal person at around 1 a.m., and ended when a SWAT team sniper shot Kluessendorf at 6:30 a.m.

Kluessendorf, 22, survived the shot that ended the standoff, and was treated at Regions Hospital. No police officers, and none of the other four people inside the house at the time were injured in the shootout.

Kluessendorf, who was still in the hospital yesterday, was arrested for attempted murder or assault on a police officer, after firing at police officers with several different guns, barricading himself inside his house at 1049  Summit Ave. in St. Paul Park.


Three other people left the house during the standoff. A fourth person, Sandra Klussendorf, 42, stayed inside the house throughout the standoff. Sandra Kluessendorf was arrested and released.

Kluessendorf has a criminal history, but his record -- convictions for two disorderly conducts and a careless driving --  doesn't predict an episode like the one that nearly led to his death Tuesday morning.

Most recently, Kluessendorf was arrested at 2:15 a.m. July 28 for a third-degree DWI.

St. Paul Park cops initially responded to the "suicidal" call on the railroad tracks near the intersection of Pullman Ave. South and 9th Ave. South. Kluessendorf retreated to his house, where he close the door behind him. When police tried to convince him to talk to them, he started shooting at them.

Washington County SWAT marksman Patrick Nickle was credited with the shot that brought Kluessendorf down, according to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which describes Nickle as a former Marine 17-year veteran of the Army Reserve who served with U.S. forces in Afghanistan.