Nate and Nick Smith, 11-year-old twins, making the NY media rounds after $50,000 hockey shot

Nate Smith after making the impossible shot

Nate Smith after making the impossible shot

Eleven-year-old twins Nate and Nick Smith of Owatonna got some major excitement at a celebrity hockey match in Faribault on Saturday when Nick's name got called to try for a center-ice shot.

Nick wasn't in the arena, though. So Nate, his identical twin, took to the ice. Nate Smith nailed the puck into a three-and-a-half-inch cutout in the goal--from a starting point 89 feet away. The shot was worth $50,000. The twins' father confessed the swap-out, and the family is still waiting to hear if it will get the money.

"We haven't heard yet. But we've a lot of exciting stuff happen this morning," says Pat Smith, the boys' father. "We're getting flown out to New York. We're going to be on Inside Edition and CBS Morning Show."

[jump] City Pages reached Pat Smith in Owatonna this afternoon, where the boys and their mom and dad were frantically preparing for their trip. The networks are paying for the family to spend three nights in New York.

"We're leaving at 5 p.m," Pat Smith says.

No word yet on whether the family will get the $50,000. If they do, though, it will go to the boys' college fund. Here's a video of the shot that started it all: