Natalie Hale, Michele Bachmann's stylist-to-the-stars, speaks out

​It seems that being Michele Bachmann's celebrity stylist isn't all a bed of roses.

Since news broke that Bachmann paid $225 for hair and make-up to Natalie Hale before the 2010 election, the stylist-to-the-stars has been hammered with questions about the three-figure price tag.

"The $225 I got paid was for 3 separate Makeup services I provided during the campaign," Hale wrote in an email to City Pages. "I know for a fact if Michele has to pay for makeup she will usually instead do it herself. As a result of this- Saturday night live makes fun of her- so she's crucified by the media either way."

Michele Bachmann did her own make-up for her SOTU address (left) versus Hale's handiwork for a Minneapolis rally with Sarah Palin.
Michele Bachmann did her own make-up for her SOTU address (left) versus Hale's handiwork for a Minneapolis rally with Sarah Palin.

Bachmann first met Hale when she was doing make-up for Fox News. After they worked together again for Bachmann's rally appearance alongside Sarah Palin last April, Hale became Bachmann's preferred stylist. She did Bachmann's make-up on election night and was with her for touch-ups throughout.

​Although Bachmann has used her services frequently, Hale say most of the time the campaign does not foot the bill. She says whenever she does the congresswoman up for national TV, the networks are responsible for the tab. For example, her election night services were actually supposed to be covered by MSNBC, and Hale says she's currently being stiffed by them.

"Chris Matthews Show 'Hardball' & NBC Brian Williams are the ones that footed that bill," she writes. "I haven't gotten paid for my work from these companies yet and I am frustrated by there lack of courtesy."

By phone, Hale says she and Bachmann get along well, but working with the congresswoman has nothing to do with politics. She says one of her sessions with Bachmann was before a debate with Tarryl Clark, and Hale did make-up for both candidates. She also did make-up for Mark Dayton and Tom Horner for their commercials during the gubernatorial race.

"We do whoever calls us," she says. "I want everyone to look good, not just her."

Hale also has a robust list of celebrity clients according to this posting:

Hale with N'Sync's JC Chasez.
Hale with N'Sync's JC Chasez.
Natalie Hale's MySpace
Prince, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Kevin Kline, Lyndsay Lohan, Tommy Lee Jones, Isabella Rossellini, Leighton Meister, Kaley Cucco, Leslie Neilsen, Marla Sokoloff, Melissa George, Sean Farris, Kevin Garnett, Randy Moss, Matt Dillon, Lily Taylor.

"I do celebrities, I do real people, I do Target corporate people, it's never one thing," she says. "I try to make everyone look and feel good."

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