Nancy Sullivan, Shoreview victim, is 8th MSP woman allegedly killed by husband/BF since December

Nancy Sullivan and John Simpson
Nancy Sullivan and John Simpson
WCCO video screengrab

Yesterday, Nancy Sullivan was shot and killed by her boyfriend, John Simpson, as she attempted to move out of the Shoreview home they shared.

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Sullivan, a 57-year-old partner at the Barnes & Thornburg law firm in Minneapolis, is the eighth Twin Cities woman allegedly killed by her boyfriend or husband since December.

The other victims were Danielle Jelinek, Manya Johnson, Kira Trevino, Anna Hurd, Magorie Holland, Panhia Yang, and Mandy Matula.

Neighbors say they had no indication Simpson was a threat to act out violently. But according to a Star Tribune report, his ex-wife accused him of "domestic abuse and bullying behavior" in a 2002 divorce filing.

In addition to using a handgun to shoot Sullivan and himself, Simpson also allegedly shot Sullivan's daughter and her boyfriend. Both were taken to the hospital, where one of them was in critical condition early this morning.

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