Nancy Barnes of Star Tribune joins Twitter

Nancy Barnes, the editor of the Star Tribune, has entered the Twitterverse, which seems like a good idea since a lot of her staff are already there.

But it sounds like she'd rather be someplace else.

Barnes is a "lifelong journalist, Star Tribune editor, mother of three young women," she writes in her bio. "Favorite locale: A warm (ocean) beach, anywhere."

Careful there. Your Twitter bio is your elevator pitch. Wouldn't want to give people the wrong idea.

Barnes stepped into the world of 140-characters-or-less at the end of February. Since then, she's notched 11 tweets and 101 followers.

From there it was on to Tweet Deck and the slightly chilling realization that she has access to a whole universe of people who can't wait to tell everyone where they ate lunch, and which Middle East dictator they just sent packing.

Barnes tweeted during the Oscars, too, but she spared us what she thought about Melissa Leo dropping the f-bomb. (Big city newspaper editors lead such glamorous lives.)

Follow Nancy Barnes on Twitter here. Maybe it'll encourage her to update her status a little more frequently.


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