Naked N.D. teen steals car with two kids inside


We can't help but take pure joy out of "crime" stories that make absolutely no sense and there's no effort to give the slightest of explanations for the incident. We appreciate the mystery of a good criminal and this story made our weekend.

A naked 16-year-old boy allegedly stole a car in Dunseith, N.D. Thursday morning with two young children inside. No explanation for the stealing of the car or his lack of clothes.

The mother of the children says she strapped her 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter into her car and then went back inside to get her baby. She says she came out minutes later and saw her car driving off with the kids still inside.

She began running after the car and saw the driver stop and drop her daughter out the window. A few blocks later he stopped again and put the 4-year-old on the side of the road.

Police eventually caught the man teen after he drove across the high school baseball field, went through the dugout and crashed into a fence. Police say he was clinging to the fence. Once again, no explanation of what he was doing on the fence, naked, after the crash.

Alcohol consumption was involved in the crime.