Naked Grady Sizemore vs. the St. Cloud State co-ed

Giving "tea bag" a whole new meaning.

Giving "tea bag" a whole new meaning.

Cleveland Indian Grady Sizemore was caught with his pants down on the Internet last year, and a 19-year-old St. Cloud State University student from Apple Valley named Leah M. Ayers may have done the exposing.

Sizemore's problems began when he thought it would be cute to send pictures of his naked fine self, including nether regions, to his girlfriend, Playboy centerfold Brittany Binger.


But his lousy judgment about pro jocks and cell phones (see: Fravre, Brett) was compounded when in 2009, the snaps suddenly popped up on the Internet.

The thing is, neither Binger nor Sizemore had posted the photos. She said they'd never left her e-mail account once she'd received them

Fast-forward to March of this year, when the the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office put in a call to Apple Valley police headquarters.

According to the criminal complaint, Binger's Yahoo! e-mail account had been hacked, the SO's detective said, and with fairly straight-forward IP address tracking, the cops had figured out that the hacker was working from the IP address assigned to Ayers' computer.

In early April, Apple Valley cops executed a search warrant on Ayers' apartment and carted away personal computers and assorted peripherals.

A few days later, she gave them a guided tour of how easy it is to access a Yahoo! e-mail account: Use an open Facebook page to figure out where someone's father was born, then use that information to answer a security question in Yahoo! e-mail.

Seeing as how that's the way Binger's Yahoo! account was hacked, and that the hacker was working from Ayers' laptop (which she had allegedly tried to hide from the cops using a bogus story about it being in the shop for repairs), Apple Valley PD connected the dots and arrested her. She's been charged with with two counts of unauthorized computer access, a gross misdemeanor.

The question now is, Why would Ayers, who has no personal connection to either Binger or Sizemore, hack into the Playboy model's e-mail (and Twitter and MySpace) account, access the photos and spread them around cyberspace. Maybe we'll find out on Nov. 29, when she's scheduled for her first court appearance in Dakota County.