Mystery manure closes state park beach for Memorial Day weekend


Just in time for your first dip in the chilly Minnesota lakes, some mystery manure spill comes along and ruins everything.

While the beach closing at Split Rock Creek State Park in SW Minnesota isn't a major shocker, (elevated fecal coliform counts close lakes here all the time unfortunately) the explanation for this giant manure spill is staying quiet, at least in the Star Tribune.

So where is this manure from and how did it end up in this lake? No one is talking, except to tell reporters there was "a lot" of manure. Gross.

The beach closure won't effect other activities at the park including camping, hiking and boating, the DNR says.

But the mystery dumps has us curious:

The county termed it "a major spill," but would not elaborate on its extent.

Split Rock Creek Park employee Julie Kruger was unsure of the precise source of the manure but said it came from about 7 to 10 miles away.

"There was a lot of it," said Kruger, who was happy to report that no unpleasant odor accompanied the manure.