Mysterious roadkill puzzles Department of Natural Resources [POLL]

No one is sure what this mystery meat is.

No one is sure what this mystery meat is.

The chupcabra has been discovered dead in rural Minnesota.

Or maybe it's a badger. Or a really sick, weird dog? At this point, no one, not even biologists at the Department of Natural Resources are sure.

"People send us photos of things all the time," says Jason Abraham, a DNR fur-bearer specialist. "Usually it's not quite as interesting as this."

UPDATE: The Mystery Animal Has Been Identified!


The carcass was found just south of Alexandria in the middle of a highway, apparently run over by a motorist. Gawkers started to take photos of the strange, white-skinned creature with the tufted mohawk down its back, and before long, the pictures were making the rounds on people's Facebook pages.

Eventually, the images ended up in the hands of DNR supervisor Kevin Kotts. But even he was stumped, as were the other department biologists and wildlife specialists he forwarded them to.

"From size of it, the coloration, from the claws on the front feet, it really looks like a badger," Abraham guesses.


But that's still just a theory. In order to pin it down, the carcass has been collected, triple-bagged and is sitting in a freezer somewhere in the department. It'll be transported to a biologist in Grand Rapids who will examine the skull and make an official determination.

Take a look at these (graphic) photos below and take your best guess -- is it a dog, a badger or do we have our own Montauk Monster on our hands?