Muzzle kids too if we're going to ban cell phones for drivers: Comment of the day

Is Wiger going to far?

Is Wiger going to far?

State Sen. Chuck Wigel wants it to be illegal for drivers to talk on their cell phones - even if they're using a hands-free device. The idea, he said, is to cut back on car accidents.

That struck a commenter as moronic.


"Are they going to outlaw eating, drinking, and speaking to another vehicle occupant? How about kids? Kids are probably the biggest distraction possible for a driver," Dinklyblack said. "How about we mandate muzzles and hand and foot restraints for children riding in a vehicle?"

Adds Dave 2: "At least, when talking on a cell phone, the drivers eyes can remain on the road. How about when using the CD player in the cars? How about playing with the GPS? How about trying to find your favorite radio station"

Is Wiger off the road with this legislation? Let us know in the comments.